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Website Updates
Maintenance increases clarity.

Aleady have a great website? The design truly speaks the message of your business, and you don't want to change anything about it. But, doing business demands that you have new information, perhaps new photos, or updated event calendars. The Web Lotus of Charleston will maintain your website monthly or bi-monthly to keep it focused and show that your business is active. Like a gazing pond, a website can become stagnant if not regularly maintained. Keep the clarity. Website maintenance.

Charleston Website DesignText Updates ~ Seek the Truth Within

Your website already says everything you want the world to know about your business. At least everything about your business last year. You spent lots of time writing the text for a few, or maybe several pages. But is it the whole truth? Certainly something has changed since you placed your site on the web. Life is ever-changing, and as such, so is business.

There are many reasons why it is crucial to update your website regularly with new or added text. Many websites are still running on the internet long after the business has shut down. You want to ensure that your potential clients know that you are still in business--and an active, professional business! Keeping the information on your site up to date helps make you look more professional--and in turn makes you look better than your competition. It also allows you to convey much new information about your ever changing business.

If you aren't sure what type of information you should add, ask The Web Lotus--we are experts in website marketing, and can make suggestions or even write the text for you with information you supply. We also offer consultation services to help you determine what information is crucial to helping your business to succeed, and what best method to portray it to your audience. Perhaps your site is not user-friendly enough, or perhaps the text needs to be reorganized. Whatever your site needs, we can evaluate it and give you specific, sound advice on what changes should be made and how to best prioritize them. Then, we can put those changes into action for you!

Don't let your site become stagnant. Seek the truth, and show it to the world in the text of your site.

Charleston Website DesignImage Changes ~ New Awakenings

Awaken your website to something fresh. New images. Photos of staff should be replaced from time to time to keep your site looking new and alive, awake. For businesses with merchandise, changing out the images of the most prominently featured items brings new interest when a visitor has been seeing the same old items for months. If the photos you're using are older, perhaps a new image would make your products look even more appealing--and not tired out. Another angle might give the same product new interest from regular customers, or from those who may have already visited your site but not bought yet.

Even if you only use stock photography, this too should be changed periodically to avoid stagnation. Awaken your website, and have The Web Lotus of Charleston help you decide which images you should change.

Charleston Website DesignCalendars and Events ~ Relaxation, not Suspense

Why the need for a calendar? Don't leave your customers in suspense! If you have events that relate to your business--whether you're a restaurant with regular specials, a club with music entertainment, or a massage therapist who runs monthly specials--all of these should be listed in either a calendar or similar format on your website. Do you have open houses or other special events? Ask The Web Lotus the best way to feature the events or specials you offer on your site. We'll add a section to feature this, and then update the events monthly, bi-monthly, or on any schedule that best suits your business (we suggest at least once per month). Your customers will appreciate checking to see when events or specials that interest them will take place, and this will also give them a reason to keep visiting your site--and bringing you more business! Don't make it hard for them to find the information they want--let The Web Lotus maintain your calendar or event listing, and let your customers relax knowing they can find what they need without being left in suspense.