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You, only clearer.
Website redesign.

You already have a website. Its design is a reflection of you, but like looking into rippling water. Maybe the ripples are few. Maybe it's like waves in a storm. The Web Lotus of Charleston, SC will calm the waters so you can see your true reflection. We'll take your web design and make it clearer.


Charleston Website DeignYoga for your website.

Maybe your web design only has a few ripples and doesn't need a lot of work. Like a gentle yoga class, The Web Lotus of Charleston can take your existing website and do some gentle bending, posing, stretching--even some restful meditation that will all give it clearer focus.

Or, it could be that the storm has completely obscured your view. Now The Web Lotus of Charleston brings out the power yoga. Fast paced, really hot, deep stretches with lunges--all designed to strengthen your core and bring out the real you.

Charleston Website DeignStill the ripples, clarity appears.

Many businesses have website designs that aren't a clear reflection. Like gazing into a rippling pond, you see the basics but your reflection lacks clarity. You like the colors, the logo, maybe even some of the images, but it's not a true reflection of you and your business. Perhaps the site was designed a few years (or more) back, and it needs a bit of modernization to return its focus and regain clarity.

Website design standards change constantly. Areas like width, layout, navigation, and texture, if not updated, reflect poorly on your business. Keeping your website modern removes the ripples that obscure your true image, showing potential clients that you care about your business.

The Web Lotus of Charleston will also modernize your inner website--the code. Web coding has changed dramatically in the past 3-5 years. Some of the old coding methods are becoming obscure, and may not be supported by the popular browsers much longer. The Web Lotus will update your coding to make it compliant with today's web standards. This will ensure that your site is compatible with browsers as new versions are released. It will also make site maintainance easier--saving you money in the long run. This will still the ripples, making your image clear.

Charleston Website DeignTame the storm, the path becomes clear.

Your website design should be highly professional to be a true reflection of your business. But like trying to wade through a storm, your design leaves potential clients running for cover. Has it been three years or more since your website was designed? Did you have your teenaged daughter build it for you? Perhaps you used a template design from an online source to build your own. Or maybe your site screams Microsoft FrontPage?

Your website should have a look that reflects the feel of your business. The Web Lotus of Charleston can bring that clarity to your design. We'll take anything from your existing web design that you are happy with, and make it blossom into a whole new look that's more clearly you. And more clearly now.

We’ll ask you some basic questions to get started, in plain English, and use that to create the web design that will clear the path to your business. If you already have a color scheme that you love, or any images that you feel you must keep, that's fine. We'll also create modern coding for your site that meets current web standards and will be compatible with new browsers for years to come. The Web Lotus of Charleston will make the storm disappear so that your new clients can feel secure doing business with you.