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Website Design.
Clearly yours.

The Web Lotus designs your website to be yours. Not a cookie-cutter design, and definitely not a look that isn't exactly what you want. We're skilled and experienced in finding a look that helps define your business to the web browsing community--and gets your point across. Clearly.

Few people realize how crucial it is to have a strong design to convey your message. But as busy as people are in this day and age, surfing the web has become less than a leisure activity for most. Long before the first sentence on your site is read, your potential client will make a split second decision as to whether to read or move on to the next item on his or her Google search. That decision is in the design; if the first impression speaks to her. Don't judge a book by its cover? Easy to say, but clearly--first impressions make way for second ones!

Design and conquer

Your website design should convey your business. So should other elements of your website such as text. But your web design is where it all begins. Conquer your comeptition by grabbing attention when someone first lands on your site! At The Web Lotus, we are skilled at combining a design that speaks to your potential clients with the other elements that will make your website successful.

For example, if your target market consists mainly of people in the 55+ age bracket, many of them may not be highly web-savvy. So a fancy navigation that may be confusing to them would not be a good design choice, no matter how upscale or attractive it may be. You would hate to go to all the trouble to get them to your site, only to have them leave in confusion, right?

The Web Lotus will listen to your description of your business, and ask questions along the way. We'll then work with you to create a website design that not only fits your business image, but works for your target market(s) as well. Your feedback is imperative along the way--we want to ensure that you are happy with your design! And our expertise will ensure that you are happy with your web design while also conqering your competition on the web.

Hear your inner truth--then listen to the guru

You may have an impression of exactly what your design will look like. Or perhaps you want certain colors that are your favorites. Maybe red is your absolutely favorite color--but your business is a day spa. Red is an empowering color, but it is also highly charged with energy and to some, even aggressive. This can work for many types of businesses, but the feel we would want to convey for a day spa would be of relaxation--so in that case, blues or soft lavenders might be much more appropriate.

The key is to find a balance between your personal tastes and a design that really conveys an accurate impression of your business. The Web Lotus can create a design that will make you AND your clients happy--thus making your business more successful!