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Search Engine Optimization Packages
Don't get lost on Google searches.

Have a website?
Happy with it?
BUT, can you find it on Google?
Or, is it buried after hundreds of your competitors?
You'll never be successful if people can't find you.
That's where Search Engine Optimization
from The Web Lotus of Charleston comes in.
The Web Lotus will analyze your existing website, and then make small changes that will make a big impact!

The Web Lotus offers three main Search Engine Optimization Packages, which can also be customized to meet your company’s specific needs. 

Charleston Search Engine OptimizationBasic Search Engine Optimization

Our basic website optimization package is ideal for small Charleston (or other area!) businesses who have a need to make their business more prominent on the major search engines, but have a small budget to work with.  We work with you to ensure that we are targeting the market that best fits your business needs.

Our basic package includes:

  1. We discuss your business goals with you either face to face or by phone, whichever is most convenient for you
  2. Once we have determined the key facets of your business, we work with you to generate 4-8 potential keyword phrases (i.e., "Charleston Used Auto Sales") that seem most likely to be used when a potential client is “Googling” for your type of business
  3. We research the phrases to ensure that they are used frequently, and narrow the list down to 4-5 phrases that are most popularly searched for
  4. Each page of your website (up to 10 pages) is analyzed by The Web Lotus as we determine which components need to be changed for maximum results
  5. Each page of your website (up to 10 pages)  is altered so that it meets the needs of the search engines
    We create a detailed report for each page of your website (up to 10 pages)  with specific instructions for your webmaster to follow
    ~You may decide whether you’d like us to have access to your website or if you prefer to have an existing webmaster make the changes for you
  6. We may require additional content from you for optimum results—this usually means longer text on some of the pages—and copywriting services are also available for an additional fee if you prefer not to write it yourself
  7. We then “release” your site to the major search engines to ensure that they know to take another look at your site—please bear in mind that with the vast size of the internet it may take up to 2-3 months for some of the engines, especially Google, to review your site and change your rankings

Each month for the following 3 months, you will receive a detailed report via email, showing how each keyword phrase ranks with Google and other major search engines.  There are various charts within the report, which allow you to see exactly how your site is doing.  Here is a partial sample for the Lowcountry House Rabbit Society site:

Search Engine Optimization Report

Charleston Search Engine OptimizationAdvanced Search Engine Optimization

This is a step up from our basic package, and is usually most appropriate for medium sized businesses, or small businesses who have websites with many pages that they would like optimized.

The Advanced package is the Basic package, but bigger. 

  • Together, we will develop up to 15 potential keyword phrases (search terms)
  • We'll research their popularity and narrow them down to 8-10 phrases
  • Then we will use those phrases to optimize up to 20 pages of your website

Charleston Search Engine Optimization"Enlightened" Search Engine Optimization &
Google AdWords Package

The best method for full web enlightenment!  This package incorporates all of the features of our Advanced Search Engine Optimization package, but also includes:

  1. Monthly reports as shown above, but on an ongoing basis for as long as you remain in this program
  2. A Google AdWords campaign with full management from The Web Lotus of Charleston.  AdWords are those "paid sponsor" ads that you see whenever you search within Google.  This service is a great complement to our regular SEO services because:
    • You receive nearly instant results, with your ads showing up the day that we set up your campaign--thus web users finding your site that same day!
    • Even once you begin seeing great results with your "generic" listings (these are the regular search results), there may be one or two keyword phrases (search terms) that aren't quite reaching the results that you would like.  This is commonly due to lots of competition, such as "Charleston Real Estate".  With AdWords, since you're paying for ads, you will see definite results regardless of the competition.  The higher your budget, the better your results will be, since you'll get more hits on your ads per day.  You also aren't committed to continuing with the program, and can cancel at any time.
  3. You decide what your spending budget will be, and The Web Lotus takes care of the rest!  We will:
    • Set up the account with your credit card information so that Google may bill you directly OR you may set up the account with Google yourself and provide us with the login information
    • Research the keyword phrases (search terms) to determine popularity and average cost per click, giving you an estimated number of hits per month based on your budget
    • Determine how best to allocate your budget, dividing it between your keyword phrases for the best results
    • Review your account monthly along with your regular SEO report to determine which of your chosen keyword phrases need more attention.  Then using your budget, we will adjust what portion of the funds are used for each keyword phrase, to give you the most hits for your money!
    • Review the pages of your site monthly and tweak the optimization as your competition grows and/or the search engines make small changes to their criteria
    • Provide you with a written report each month (typically within the body of an email, but available as a PDF if you prefer) detailing all of the changes we've made to your website and/or your AdWords campaign


Which package is right for you?  Call or email The Web Lotus today with any questions you have!