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Website Designs in Charleston

Healing Hands Massage and Bodywork of Charleston!

Website Design for Healing Hands Massage and Bodywork of Charleston


Healing Hands needed a face lift. Their old site, while very attractive, was rather dated. The Web Lotus created a new design, incorporating facets of the old design, and making some minor changes to the logo to fit perfectly. Healing Hands' trademark image, the butterfly, was incorporated throughout the site. Of course, modern CSS coding technology was used when creating the site.

The Web Lotus has been on the cutting edge with Search Engine Optimization, and Healing Hands is no exception. The new website for Healing Hands is now rated #1 on Google when searching for "Charleston Massage" or "Massage in Charleston"!

The Web Lotus continues to maintain the website for Healing Hands - one of the key methods in keeping a great Google ranking is by constant updating and change. Healing Hands' specials are updated monthly (or even weekly at times), and new pages are being added regularly with new information. The Web Lotus also contributes to some of the copywriting for the website.

Contact us to learn about The Web Lotus' Search Engine Optimization and monthly maintenance plans!


New Website Design! Sneak Preview!

The Web Lotus has created a new website design for Beverly Derrick, Artist. She is currently going through her artwork to determine which of her amazing pieces she will decide to sell, and once the difficult decision is made to part with some of these works, the site will be officially released to the public.

Web Design for Beverly Derrick, Artist

The new website will have a photo gallery software that will allow Beverly to upload photos of her artwork with ease, and they can easily be categorized into separate pages for pastels, watercolors, oils, etc. Beverly's artwork is well known in Charleston, though many of the subjects are taken from her travels to Africa. The new web presence will certainly help brighten up many homes as website surfers will be able to find and purchase her artwork! has a new website!

FossilByte Shark Teeth Fossils, specializing in shark's teeth and other rare fossils, needed a strong, modern web presence to replace their 10-year old amateur site. The new website design needed to appeal to their target audience--people, mostly adult males, who collect valuable and rare fossils. Another main goal was to integrate e-commerce capability--the old site listed each fossil for sale along with photos, but for a customer to purchase one required emailing FossilByte and requesting an invoice. It was crucial that the e-commerce section be easily updated, since each fossil is unique and they needed the ability to update and add new products themselves. Since FossilByte's customers live around the globe, it was also a priority to add a translation tool.

The Web Lotus created the attention grabbing design along with FossilByte's owner providing detailed feedback along every step. Part of the design process was to re-create the logo; FossilByte had a logo they were very happy with, only it was created many years ago and so the graphics were poor quailty by today's standards. The Web Lotus carefully re-created the logo with the same look and feel as the old one, but in high resolution quality so that not only will it serve the needs of the website but can also be used for a variety of print media.

We then coded the website to modern CSS (cascading style sheets) standards--important for the modern web browsers. The Web Lotus purchased a highly reputable and very user friendly e-commerce software and installed it into the site, customizing it for the specific design. The software now allows FossilByte to log in to the "back end" online and add products, change out photos and/or descriptions, and even edit the types of payments accepted. All of this is done with great ease, and FossilByte's owner was impressed with how simple it was to learn to use this system. Another great feature is that the e-commerce software automatically tracks inventory--sparing the possible dilemma of two customers buying the same fossil when only one exists!

Visit and see how the e-commerce software blends seamlessly into the rest of the site--it is truly installed into the site rather than an external website. Notice how conveniently the products are grouped into categories and sub-categories--which can all be easily changed by the administrator with no website knowledge needed.

FossilByte's new site is released to the public, but more changes are on their way! Watch for more information as additional pages are written with educational information about these rare fossils and the education programs that they offer to the public.

**Watch for the new Discovery Channel series titled "Prehistoric"! They will be featuring many of the photos taken by!

Charleston Hats New Website Design Charleston Hats Website Photo Gallery Design

Two different views of the Charleston Hats & Happy Hats new website!

These sister companies needed a web presence to display images of their work as well as provide a means of contact for their custom orders. The Web Lotus created a design consistent with their branding--Victorian, with classic cranberry and muted greens.

Charleston Hats also needed a special photo gallery, so The Web Lotus created a page with a tool similar to a slideshow. The images scroll across the bottom of the page, and by clicking on a hat photo the larger version appears above without waiting for a new page to load. Click on one of the images above to visit Charleston Hats & Happy Hats!

 Lowcountry House Rabbit Society

The web design for the Lowcountry House Rabbit Society of Charleston, SC is a 501(c)3 non-profit group dedicated to educating the public about domestic rabbit care, and rescuing, fostering, and adopting out homeless rabbits in the Charleston, SC area.

The website is an educational tool, as well as a fundraising opportunity.

This website was designed and is maintained by The Web Lotus. Hosting and content management system is generously donated by Illumicom.

Aquaharp - Charleston, SC Harpist for Weddings and Other Events

Aquaharp needed a web presence to promote Kathleen Wilson as Charleston's most accomplished harpist. The site also ties in Kathleen's life outside of her harp performance. She has a section devoted to her distance swimming accomplishments as well as to her position as Charleston City Councilwoman and Mayor Pro Tempore.

A gentle flowing design was best suited for Aquaharp, and the simple black background is a lovely backdrop for her stunning harp image. The blue swirls are reminiscent of waves, tying in the other aspect of Aquaharp.

As all websites by The Web Lotus, Aquaharp's new site is coded to modern standards in CSS.

Southern Moon Framing needed a simple yet elegant design to convey their in-home custom framing and art decor services. The site has two alternate styles to showcase art beside the text, or alternatively to provide a gallery style layout.

The Southern Moon Framing website was designed by Jenni Bearden for Illumicom. Jenni also created the majority of the coding for the site.

Dixon Investigations

Dixon Investigations was in need of a web presence for this brand new business. As a startup Charleston company, a soft modern design was ideal for their business approach.

Jenni Bearden designed the logo and the site with the header laid out to accomodate changing text beside the coastal images. This website was designed and coded by Jenni Bearden for Illumicom.

SpiritMoves Nia needed an inexpensive website that would help to grow their Nia studio in downtown Charleston. They also needed to ensure that when they had crucial updates for events and changes of scheduling, that they had a reliable web expert available to help as needed.

The SpiritMoves site design is simple yet effective, and has helped many Charleston area residents to locate their studio in its new location!

The Web Lotus designed, coded, and maintains the SpiritMoves Nia website.

Marti Chitwood needed a website to reach her former Viriditas clients as well as showcase her services for potential new ones. This design was created from Marti's love of the Gingko leaf design, and tailored to meet her specific design needs.

The site is pending release very soon, and Marti has just decided to have The Web Lotus take care of her copywriting needs.

Please note that copywriting services are available for those clients who may have lack of time to write their own, and also helps to expedite the release of the site when the business owner is too busy to find the time to write it.


Other design work

The Web Lotus' main focus is on websites, but we don't have to stop there. Maintaining your "branding" or image is crucial for your clients or potential clients to recognize your business and achieve great results.

Here's just one example of a piece of print material that The Web Lotus designed for a client--we did not design the website, but make sure to visit the site to notice how we tied together the existing website design with the design of the promotional postcard:

Postcard Design for Healing Hands Massage

Healing Hands Postcard design -back


And here is a business card design for a new business, Charleston Hats:

Charleston Hats Business Card


We also design logos! They can be elaborate, simple, or in between. Here is a new logo that we recently created for the Lowcountry Hernia Center.
Dr. Pardieck wanted something very simple that would not detract from his informational website and other materials. He liked the color in The Web Lotus's logo, and asked if he could use that for himself as well! We didn't mind.

Lowcountry Hernia Center


Please watch for more exciting web designs,
with tranquil business owners