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About The Web Lotus

Peace. Tranquility. You're calmer now about the web process.
Yes. Imagine you're listening to the soft ripple of a pond.
A lovely lotus flower is near the edge, not far from where you sit.

Hmm--that sounds nice. We are The Web Lotus, bringing tranquility to the website process.

Who we are
Unfolding your inner website

Jenni Beard, The Web LotusThe Web Lotus is owned and operated by Jenni Bearden of Charleston, SC. Jenni began creating powerful advertising campaigns for small businesses long before the web. Beginning in the 1980s, Jenni created a variety of graphic design projects for small businesses including flyers/brochures, mass mailings, restaurant menus, and signage.

Jenni's most elegant designs were reserved for the handmade wedding invitations that she created with her calligraphy skills before printing invitations could be done from a PC (actually, there were no PCs as we know them today!). She also created new menus for local restaurants, and marketing campaigns for jewelry stores. Jenni's other marketing experience prior to the web world includes script writing for telemarketing firms, back when most folks didn't object to a few cold calls now and then. She even wrote the scipts for a major campaign with the Bahama Promotion Center in the late 1980s when the Bahamas were desperately trying to rebuild their tourism from the U.S.

As website usage became more firmly grounded in everyday life, Jenni sensed a need to explore web design, and was quickly enlightened to the possibilities. She began teaching herself how to design and code basic websites and quickly became "webmistress" of a sizable pet rescue here in the Charleston area.

Jenni's other passion is rabbits. The cute, fuzzy kind. They are also gentle, and calming. Jenni devotes much of her "free" time to rescuing these adorable domestic critters, and so she has donated her web services to the North Georgia House Rabbit Society, and managed their website for three years until founding her own local rescue group here in Charleston. LowcountryBunny has been flourishing for a few years now, though the site is far from finished--too many other websites to build and bunnies to save! Jenni is also a part of a small website team who donates their time to the National House Rabbit Society, whose website includes roughly 800 pages and is constantly changing.

Jenni's website styles vary greatly, based on the client and the type of design needed to market a particular product or service. She has created bright, colorful designs (such as this one) as well as clean and upscale sites with lots of white space - or black space, as sets an artistic palette for some artist and musician websites. Her Search Engine Optimization skills speak for themselves, as the sites that she actively maintains usually rank in the top four listings on Google (and often #1!). Her e-commerce sites are easy for her clients to manage, while also being user-friendly to the customers purchasing on them.

Before launching The Web Lotus, Jenni was Production Manager for one of the leading Charleston web firms. This involved producing a wide range of services to the 150 clients that she managed: design, coding, marketing, and much more. Most importantly, she realized that very often business owners and managers are intimidated by the web design and development process. This revelation helped to inspire The Web Lotus' main concept of making the process simple, straightforward, easy to understand, and, well, tranquility.