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Website Design & Services
Find web enlightenment in Charleston, SC

The Web Lotus of Charleston provides a wide range of website services tailored to your business needs. Whether you’re a small start-up businesses needing a presence on the web, or a larger company needing an online store to sell your products, we’re the website designer / developer you can rely on.

Charleston Website DesignNew website packages
*incense is optional

Just getting started? Feeling overwhelmed? Light a candle or some incense, relax, and contact us. Our packages are priced lower than most other web firms in Charleston, SC, and are just as professional (or more so!). Plus, we won’t confuse you with too much technology-speak. We’ll ask you some basic questions to get started, in plain English, and then get your site on the web—from the basic concept to the finished product. New website packages start at only $750, so there’s no reason to stress over it. You might even be so calm, you’ll find yourself meditating!

Charleston Website DesignWebsite re-designs
Bringing your old site into the New Age

Has it been three years or more since your website was designed? Did you have your teenaged daughter build it for you? Perhaps you used a template design from an online source to build your own. Or maybe your site screams Microsoft FrontPage?

Now's the time to bring your site into the modern era. Web design and technology are changing, and we can help. Enlighten your site by having The Web Lotus of Charleston redesign your look.

Enlighten your potential clients

So, maybe your website design looks great. But you just don't know how to convey what's special about your business. Enlighten the web world. Let The Web Lotus of Charleston rewrite the copy for your existing site. Enlightenment. For less.

Website Marketing
Clarity in a murky sea

In a vast sea of websites, the internet is filled with competition. Help potential clients to find clarity when seeking your services or products. Our Search Engine Optimization packages will boost your rankings on Google and other search engines.

Wanting the fast track to web enlightenment? Our Enlightened packages include Google AdWord campaigns, designed to fit your advertising budget and to reach a wider audience of web users.
Clarity. Enlightenment. Your website, at the world's fingertips.